Choosing a Program

Doctoral programs

The department offers sequential programs (M.A./M.Phil./Ph.D.) for doctoral degrees in Russian Literature and in Polish Literature. M.A. programs in Czech, South Slavic, and Ukrainian Literatures are also offered, with the option of continuing to the M.Phil./Ph.D. through the Center for Comparative Literature and Society. Students who complete the M.A. in Russian or Polish Literature may also choose to do their M.Phil./Ph.D. work in Comparative Literature.

M.A. programs

The M.A. programs in Russian, Czech, Polish, South Slavic, and Ukrainian Literatures are open to qualified applicants who do not intend to continue beyond the Master’s degree. The department also offers free-standing M.A. degree programs in Russian Translation and in Slavic Cultures, which are non-sequential programs of study that do not lead to a doctorate.


The department provides a number of courses in Slavic linguistics, although it does not offer degrees in this field. All doctoral students in Russian literature receive rigorous training in linguistics; doctoral students may also choose Slavic linguistics as their minor field.

Prospective applicants are encouraged, when feasible, to visit the Slavic Department. Please contact the Departmental Administrator (John Lacqua at if you would like to arrange a visit. When the review of applications begins, the Department may request phone interviews with applicants who have not visited.