Russian Translation

M.A. in Russian Translation

This program is intended for graduate students who are primarily interested in working as translators and leads only to the free-standing M.A. degree. It does not lead toward a doctorate. The program is normally completed in two or three semesters. Part-time students must complete the program within four years.
Note that two Residence Units are required for the M.A. degree.

Educational goals:
Students will:

  • achieve a high level of language proficiency in Russian language;
  • learn practical skills required for the successful completion of independent translation projects;
  • build a solid foundation in the Russian literary tradition and culture.


1) Coursework: 30 points (eight courses) at the graduate level (numbered 4000 and above) in Russian language, literature, history, and culture, or other relevant disciplines. Up to eight points (two courses) may be taken for R credit. The following courses are required for a letter grade:

  • Practical Stylistics (RUSS GU4434)
  • Literary Translation (RUSS GU4910).
  • one Directed Research course for the completion of the translation project.

All courses required for the M.A. are to be selected in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies. Three of the elective courses may be taken for R (registration) credit; all other courses should be taken for a letter grade.

2) M.A. Translation Project: All students are required to complete an individual translation project (translation and introduction), begun in the Literary Translation course and completed in a Directed Research course. A bound copy of the finished translation should be submitted to the department office.