Mie Mortensen

Mie Mortensen


Columbia University, USA
Ph.D in Russian Literature (ongoing)
M.Phil. in Russian Literature, Architecture minor field, December 2016
MA in Russian Literature, May 2015

University of Oxford, England
M.St.  in Slavonic Studies, 2012

School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, England
MA in Russian studies, 2011

University of Copenhagen, Denmark
BA in Russian language and culture, 2010

Research Interests

·   Twentieth century Russian literature and architecture and the (possibility of an)
    overlap between the two

·   "Paper architecture" of the early and later twentieth century.

·   The culture of the Russian avant-garde

·   The city in Russian literature

·   Emigre and travel literature

Conference Presentations

“Soviet Unrealism: On Brodsky and Utkin’s Architeggture,” The Expanded Quotation Conference, Columbia University, April 2017

“Nosy ne v nosu: Regarding Gogol’s Other Runny Noses,” Slavic Department Symposium, Columbia University, November 2016

“Everything Architecture: Suppressed Neoclassical Traces in the Russian Avant-Garde,” Columbia-Princeton Graduate Student Conference, April 2016

“1923: Pro Eto Vremya,” Slavic Department Symposium, Columbia University, May 2015

“In-Between in Berlin: Nostalgia in Wladimir Kaminer’s Russian Disco,” Columbia-Princeton Graduate Student Conference, April 2014


As instructor:

·       Russian Literature: A Travel Guide, Columbia University, Spring 2017

·       Intermediate Russian I, Columbia University, Fall 2016

·       Beginner’s Russian II, Columbia University, Spring 2016

·       Beginner’s Russian I,  Columbia University, Fall 2015 and Summer 2017


As teaching assistant (TA):

·       Literature and Revolution (taught by Edward Tyerman), Columbia University,
        Spring 2015

·       Slavic Cultures (taught by Alan Timberlake, Columbia University, Fall 2014


Danish (native), Russian, French, Spanish, German (reading knowledge), Czech (reading knowledge)