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Slavic Courses: How to Use This Listing

The Slavic Department offers courses in Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Polish, and Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian literature and culture, as well as cross-listed courses with the Departments of History, Political Science, Art History, Dance, and Theater, the Center for Comparative Literature and Society, and the Harriman Institute.

Please use the navigation at left to see:

  • the most up-to-date listing of courses being offered through the Slavic Department in the current academic year, on the Columbia Directory of Classes (remember to check under both "Slavic Languages" AND "Slavic Languages at Barnard"!);
  • a complete listing of our graduate courses (including courses not offered this year), together with sample syllabi; and
  • a complete listing of our undergraduate courses (including those not offered this year), together with sample syllabi.

We recommend that you also check the course listings of other Arts and Sciences departments, such as History, for courses of related interest. The online bulletins of  Barnard College, and Columbia College each list current Slavic courses (with descriptions) and provide links to current courses of related interest, for your convenience.

In addition, the Harriman Institute posts a listing each semester of courses that may be used to fulfil the requirements for the Harriman Certificate in Russian/ East European/ Eurasian studies; these courses, drawn from a wide range of academic departments in the Arts and Sciences and the School of International Affairs, may also be of interest to graduate and advanced undergraduate students in the Slavic Department.

Students may also take courses at the New York City Consortium schools: CUNY, NYU, and the New School.