Ainsley Katz on Ukrainian Public Radio

Ainsley Katz, an alumna of Columbia College (CC 2018), continued her study of Ukrainian this summer as a student of the Ukrainian Catholic University’s Summer Language & Culture program in Lviv, Ukraine. Beginning her study of Ukrainian in her senior year with Professor Yuri Shevchuk, her continued pursuit of the language was made possible thanks to the Ukrainian Language Fellowship, created by the Department of Slavic Languages in 2017. All students enrolled in Elementary Ukrainian in Fall 2018 are likewise eligible to apply for the Ukrainian Language Fellowship.

Over two semesters of her intensive studies at Columbia and in Lviv, Ainsley attained a truly impressive proficiency in Ukrainian, sufficient for her to not only appear in the popular UA: Suspilne Radio (UA: Public Radio) talk show “In Black and White” to discuss issues of Ukrainian language and culture, but also to field questions from listeners. Her knowledge of Ukrainian helped her in her travels around the country, from remote corners of the Carpathian mountains to the city of Kharkiv in the east. Overall, she enjoyed incredible opportunities such as seeing operas with her Ukrainian-language teachers, learning vocal and instrumental traditions (including how to play the jew’s harp, or drymba), and meeting university students from around the globe united by an interest in Ukraine.

Ainsley hopes to continue her study of Ukrainian and to return to Ukraine as soon as possible. The Ukrainian Language Fellowship allowed her to develop not just her language skills but enhanced her intercultural communication, her confidence in traveling solo, and gave her an opportunity to make lifelong friendships. The entire talk show can be heard here

Caption: Ainsley Katz (left) during the talk show “In Black and White” with the hostess Yaryna Skurativska