Ukrainian Language Courses: General Description and Syllabi

Ukrainian language courses. General Description and Syllabi.

The Ukrainian Language Program offers three courses. Elementary and Intermediate Ukrainian meet three times a week. Advanced Ukrainian through Literature, Media, and Politics meets twice a week. Each class lasts for 75 minutes. The language student groups are small and usually vary in number between two and six. This ensures the level of intensity and communicative interaction with the instructor and among students that equals five classes a week instead of the actual three or two. Classes takes place in one of the state-of-the-art rooms equipped for distance teaching at the Columbia University Language Resource Center located in the International Affairs Building.

From the very first class students are encouraged to express themselves in Ukrainian, create with the language, appropriate it, take risks and maximize the material they aquire so that with some 500-word lexicon a Ukrainian language student communicates with the facility the speaker whose active lexicon is some 2,000 words. What matters is the progress each student makes and not how they compare to one another. Language is treated as a gateway to and a means of navigating the world of Ukrainian culture, history, and politics. Culture, history and politics are always a wider context and the real-life setting of learning Ukrainian at Columbia University. Students are immersed in the language of contemporary Ukrainian media, Internet, film, radio and fiction.


Ukrainian language courses syllabi.

These generic syllabi that are adapted to the specific cognitive profile of the students each given semester

Elementary Ukrainian

Intermediate Ukrainian

Advanced Ukrainian Through Literature, Media and Politics