"Space and Place: The Symposium"

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Saturday, February 17, 2018 - 10:00am
709 Hamilton Hall

   sPACE and pLACE:  The Miniconference



Saturday, February 17     yALE@cOLUMBIA     709 Hamilton Hall



sPACE and pLACE:  The Miniconference



                       Breakfast (from 10:15, available throughout morning) 

Panel 1:  TRANSTOPIAS, or How I Learned to Love the Dark Side             10:45-12:15 


          Liana Battsaligova (Yale)—Undermining Heterotopia: Garden-Variety Graveyard in Dostoevsky’s


            Claudia Kelley (CU)—Perforating the Prison: Crumbling Contours and Proliferating Lines in Zofia

                                                            Nałkowska’s Walls of the World

Valeriia Mutc (Yale)—House Arrest: Command Performance on the Estate in Chekhov’s “Gooseberries”


Panel 2:  ITINERARIES, or Journeys not to Arzrum                                           12:30-1:30  


Ararat Sekeryan (CU)—Lessons of Armenia, Visions of Russia: Andrei Bitov and the Return of the Plennik

Stephen Bruce (CU)—Vel’tman’s The Wanderer: Armchair Travel and the Imperial Imagination


Lunch  (1:30-2:30)


Panel 3:  THRESHOLDS OF BEING, or Life on the Edge                                     2:45-4:15


Knar Abrahamyan (Yale)—Platonov’s Dzhan: Imperial Practices on the Soviet Periphery

Tomi Haxhi  (CU)—Spatial, Political, and Ontological Borders in Platonov’s Dzhan

Ben Hooyman (CU)—Beyond Displacement: Daniil Kharms and the Periphery of the Page



Panel 4:    ENVIRONMENTAL DETERMINISM, or No Way Out           4:30-6:00


            Matt McWilliams (Yale)—"My Dear Sir...You Should Know Your Place": Spatializing Social Status in

                                                                    Gogol's Petersburg.

Harrison Smith (CU)—Sacred and Profane Space: Demons, Bodies, and Minds in Gogol's Domains

Spencer Small (Yale)—The Revenge of the Rhizome: Forests and the Fate of Human Agency in Gorky’s

                                                        “Legend of Danko”



Dinner   (6:30)

       530 W. 113th St. 6B



Sponsored by the Harriman Institute