Robert A. Maguire Prize in Slavic Studies

A cash prize awarded annually to an undergraduate of high academic distinction and promise in an area of study concerned with Russian or another Slavic culture, including literature, music, art, religion, or cultural history. Established in honor of Professor Robert A. Maguire.

The award is meant to perpetuate Professor Maguire's legacy and to ensure that his name remains a prominent feature in the landscape of Slavic Studies at Columbia.

That Robert Maguire’s legacy should be associated with excellence seems more than appropriate.  Robert Maguire's standards were the highest, and he held himself to them above all.  Extraordinary language proficiency, scrupulous analysis of both the words on the page and the culture behind each word, inspired interpretation, and luminous writing were the hallmarks of his work.  The Maguire Prize identifies these qualities with Robert Maguire and honors the remarkable students who attain them not only with a tangible award but by linking their names with his.  Robert Maguire made the Columbia department one of the top Slavic departments in the country.  By awarding a prize bearing his name to the top student in that department, we recognize both the student's achievements and Robert Maguire's.

Importantly, the Robert A. Maguire Prize will be available to students not only in Russian literature and not only in Slavic literatures more broadly, but also in the other disciplines that address those cultures.  Robert Maguire himself was as accomplished in Polish as he was in Russian, and his commitment to music was as profound as his love of language and literature.  Even beyond his own breadth, though, lies Robert Maguire's conviction that no single aspect of a culture exists in isolation; he team-taught courses with historians, he educated himself in Slavic religious culture, and he worked for years on the relationship between word and visual image.  It is reasonable to assume that he would want a prize bearing his name to include rather than exclude the fields adjacent to his own.


To become a founding supporter of the Robert A. Maguire Prize in Slavic Studies, please send your contribution, with the check made out to Columbia University, accompanied by a letter expressing your intention that the sum be used to establish this new prize, to:

John Lacqua
Department of Slavic Languages
708 Hamilton Hall,
Columbia University, Mail Code 2839
1130 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10027

Ulbandus Review will report annually (beginning 2006-2007) on the recipient of the award.

Past recipients:

Paul Stephen Sonne
Russian Language & Literature

John Tilden King
Russian Language & Culture

Sierra Perez- Sparks
Russian Language & Culture

Robyn Jensen
Russian Language & Literatue

Tanah Llewellyn Spencer
Slavic Studies

Laura Mills
Slavic Studies

Lia Friedman
Russian Literature & Culture

Anabel Bacon
Russian Literature & Culture

Paul Chouchana
Russian Language & Literature

Max Daniel Lawton
Russian Language & Culture

Alex Braslavsky
Russian Literature & Culture

Veniamin Gushchin
Comparative Literature & Society

Kristian Tonnessen
Russian Language & Culture

Greta Schatz
Russian Language and Literature