Princeton & Columbia: PriCol

PriCol: Princeton-Columbia Graduate Conference


10:30am -11:00am Welcome and Coffee


11:00am -12:45pm Panel 1 Tri stilia: translation, narrative and style

(20mins per presentation + 45mins Q&A)

Chair: Yazhe Yang [email protected]

Discussant: Michael Wachtel [email protected]

Zachary Deming: Eros and Elision: Narrative Identity, Destrudo, and Pushkin’s Povesti Belkina 

Emma George: An Enormous Chorus, Moving in Rhythm: Tolstoy’s Understanding of History and its Post-Romantic Musical Metaphors in War and Peace

Venia Gushchin: “Dear Agnes, forgive me, I’m always like this”: Pasternak’s Translations of Sándor Petőfi and the Stylistic Unconscious


12:45-1:45pm Lunch


1:45-3:50pm Panel 2 Peace and war: questions of philosophy, nation, and identity 

(15mins per presentation + 45mins Q&A)

Chair: Emma Simmons [email protected]

Discussant: Ana Cohle [email protected]

Yazhe Yang: Dissolving the question of “perpetual peace” in Tolstoi’s War and Peace  

Joshua Velasquez: Ukraina as Kateryna: Lesia Ukrainka’s Redemption of Shevchenko’s Pokrytka and the Nation in “Na rokovyny”

Alexey Shvyrkov: Menippean Satire and its Postcolonial Manifestations: Alisa Ganieva’s Праздничная гора

Kathleen Mitchell-Fox: Linguistic non-identities in Varvara Nedeoglo’s «¡ɚБУДЬ Рʏ͍ ССҜОЙ+ОЙ+ʙ̥ ОЙ/НА/РÕϚϚИЮ!»


3:50-4:20pm   Break


4:20-6:05pm Panel 3 Text and film: body, gender and sexuality 

(20mins per presentation + 45mins Q&A)

Chair: Kathleen Mitchell-Fox [email protected]

Discussant: Yuri Leving [email protected]

Gabriel Nussbaum: «Память есть дело плотское»: Bodily Functions in Tolstoy’s Diary 

Myles Nicholas Garbarini: Queer perspectives on temporality in Dostoevskii’s The Idiot Emma Simmons: Broken Homes: Gender and the Iconography of Corruption in Contemporary Russian Cinema  


6.05-6.20pm   Address from Ilya Vinitsky


~7pm   Dinner

April 07, 2023