The Prize for Russian Diaspora Scientists was awarded to philologist Mark Lipovetsky and biochemist Vadim Gladyshev

The Prize for Russian Diaspora Scientists was awarded to philologist Mark Lipovetsky and
biochemist Vadim Gladyshev

The George Gamow® Award, established by the Russian-American Science Association (RASA), was
awarded in 2021 to Mark Lipovetsky (Columbia University) - for original studies of modern Russian
literature, in particular postmodernism, in a broad cultural context, and to a biochemist Vadim
Gladyshev (Harvard University) - for characterization of selenoproteins and molecular mechanisms
of aging, and for promoting scientific collaborations across the borders. The prize is awarded
annually to members of the Russian-speaking scientific diaspora for their outstanding
contributions to science and is named after Georgy Gamow, a great physicist and popularizer of
science who worked in the USSR and the USA.

“The desire for knowledge, the discovery of the unknown. These are, perhaps, universal values,
they know no boundaries, and Gamow is one of the best examples of these aspirations in bringing
knowledge to the people” – said Vadim Gladyshev.

“It is a great honor for me to receive the George Gamow® Award. I was on the committee for
awarding this prize a few years ago, and in previous years many distinguished scientists have
received it. I am, of course, very pleased to be in their company. RASA now unites the Russian
scientific diaspora, which is greater than ever. We think in Russian, and we are not indifferent to
the development of Russian science” – added Vadim Gladyshev

“I have always been amazed by the history and personality of George Gamow about the
combination of his sharp scientific intellect aimed at radical discoveries with the wide
popularization of science. It seems that this formula is applicable to many Russian scientists who
started anew their careers in the United States. It is extremely close to me, with both sides being
equally important. The same can probably be said about the scientific and teaching experience – it
has Russian and American components which do not cancel each other out, although they do not
always agree, forming a complex composition that has both, unique and common aspects. The
George Gamow® Award overall reinforces the importance and meaning of our experience -
common with Georgy Antonovich as well. Of course, to be among laureates of the award named
after him is a great honor for me,” said Mark Lipovetsky.

The award was established in 2015 by the RASA, which unites Russian-speaking scientists working
in the United States, Canada and Mexico in memory of the outstanding Russian-American
physicist, Professor Georgy Antonovich Gamow (George Gamow, 1904-1968), and to recognize
members of the Russian-speaking scientific diaspora for outstanding achievements acclaimed by
the broad scientific community. The award ceremony will take place in St. Petersburg, Florida
during the 12th RASA Annual Conference which will be held November 20-21, 2021 and dedicated
to Ilya Mechnikov, Nobel Prize winner in Medicine and Physiology.

Drew Weissman, one of the inventors of the mRNA technology behind the Pfizer/BioNTech and
Moderna COVID vaccines, will be the guest speaker. Recently, Drew Weissman and his colleague
Catalin Kariko received the prestigious 2022 Life Sciences Breakthrough Prize. The conference will
be held in a hybrid format: it will be possible to participate both online and in person. The online
participation is free of charge upon registration.

October 01, 2021